Venezuela got it's Independence from Spain on July 5th, 1811.They got their Independence from Gran Colombia on January 13th, 1830.Venezuela was officially recognized on March 30th, 1845 Venezuela Table of Contents. When Did Venezuela Gain Independence? The Venezuelan War of Independence (1810–1823) was one of the Spanish American wars of independence of the early nineteenth century, when independence movements in Latin America fought against rule by the Spanish Empire, emboldened by Spain's troubles in the Napoleonic Wars. Venezuela is a luscious country filled with biodiversity, bordering Brazil, Guyana, and Colombia. Peninsula de Paria followed by Rio Orinoco delta was first discovered by him. Venezuela declared its independence from Spain on July 5, 1811. This led to the Venezuelan War of Independence. Only as part of Bolívar's campaign to liberate New Granada in 1819-20 did Venezuela achieve a lasting independence from Spain (initially as part of Gran Colombia). Simón Bolívar, Venezuelan by birth and the central figure in the story of the independence movements of Latin America, is a young officer in Caracas in 1810. On 17 December 1819 the Congress of Angostura declared Gran Colombia an independent country. The resistance group based in Caracas gained independence in 1810, and Bolívar traveled to Britain on a diplomatic mission. The Venezuelan Declaration of Independence (Cinco de Julio) is a statement adopted by a congress of Venezuelan provinces on July 5, 1811, through which Venezuelans made the decision to separate from the Spanish Crown in order to establish a new nation based on the premises of equality of individuals, abolition of censorship and dedication to freedom of expression. Simon Bolivar: Bolivar was born to wealthy Creoles, and his wealth obtained him a superior education at home and abroad. Beginning in 1522 Venezuela was colonized by Spain, and although the natives resisted, the far superior methods and weapons of the Europeans quickly overtook them. The fight for control of Caracas, Venezuela … Venezuela declared its independence from Spain. It gained its independence from Gran Columbia in 1830. Question: Who did Venezuela gain independence from? Venezuela gained their sovereignty after Simon Bolivar won the Carabobo battle on June 24, 1821. The colonists claimed independence as Napoleon invaded Spain, which threatened Spain's ability to govern its colonies in the Americas.. Venezuelan colonists rebelled against high taxes and a lack of self-rule. Following a checkered career in the Spanish Army, Miranda spent virtually the rest of his life living in nations that were at odds with Spain, seeking support for the cause of the independence … He is part of the conspiracy by which a junta expels the Spanish governor of the province of Venezuela, on April 19, and takes control. Miranda was born in Caracas of wealthy criollo parents in 1750. Rafael Urdaneta and Jose Padilla’s victory in the Lake Maracaibo battle on July 24, 1823, helped seal their independence. Christopher Columbus became the first European who felt the warmth of air of Venezuela in 1498.