Hi Leo! BUT the fresh cherries are the best tasting. Many people have made this cake without issue! This is a keeper and can look quite classy. Using a large offset spatula, spread melted chocolate in a thin layer on a large sheet of parchment. You can skip the syrup in the cake as the strawberries will be quite strong on their own. It will help stabilize the cake and add a little extra layer of flavor with the addition of more chocolate. Then once the wet ingredients are completely mixed, slowly pour in the hot water while whisking the wet. Do you have any recommendations as to how deep the 8 inch baking pans should be? I was thinking about making the three separate components and then assembling upon arrival. hi again hope all is fine.i want to try it formy hubby bthday on sunday but he like pineapple so can i substitute the cherry with it? Thanks so much for your input on this! I am so happy you love this one . Hi Jessica! Buttermilk is required for this recipe. What would you recommend? I found that I needed to double the recipe for the whipped cream frosting icing and I still did not have enough for rosettes. Do I have to cut the cakes in half? Hi Jenn! How difficult is cutting the cake in half? I sounds like perhaps something was off with your measurements or something went wrong somewhere. Black forest cake looks so yummy. Hi! Whip cream and powdered sugar until stiff peaks. Hi Sofia! (jumping!) Here’s a site I use as a guideline: http://www.joyofbaking.com/PanSizes.html. I add a little bit of coffee to the water and it turns out so good. I couldn’t get cherry syrup anywhere to substitute the liqueur with. Glad everyone liked it . I added a black cherry filling between all the layers instead of the whipped cream. I followed the directions exactly using frozen cherries (time of year) and the cake was delicious and beautiful. I made it for my anniversary and needless to say it didn’t last long. This Black Forest Cake looks almost too good to eat… but who am I kidding I am going to make this and enjoy every bite. Hi! I’m so happy you both loved this recipe . I’ve tried this cake recipe with fresh and canned cherries, and I do prefer the fresh cherries more, but canned cherries are great too. 1. Should I even try it? Thanks so much! Can I use normal cocoa powder? I would love to see a photo, you can email it to me at [email protected] . The place I live in is very hot, and I don’t really want all the chocolate to melt right off. I made it for my mum in laws birthday and it was a hit . Reading the other comments it seems that the layers may be too thin?? Thanks. Black Forest Gâteau Trifle. It turned out amazing (didn’t have the heaviness that gf usually has). Also I only have light buttermilk, will that still work? . And thanks for the tip about the Trader Joe’s cherries! Our friends joined us for cake and said it was bakery quality. For best results I recommend following the recipe as written, but it will work with melted butter as well. I used the Trader Joe’s Morello cherries with a small amount of organic cherry pie filling mixed in. I made this cake over the last week for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday, and it turned out wonderfully! Was very easy to follow! Hi Rukhsana! Decorate with chocolate bark, chocolate shavings, rosettes, and cherries if desired. Hey! BD3 7DL. So happy you loved it . Hi Tony! I haven’t tried swapping the sugar for agave and I worry that would affect the texture of the cake. I’m so happy you love it! Thanks so much again for your tips and for your sweet comments! Thanks so much for the amazing feedback. Hey! They are a bit fragile, but I find that if the cake is chilled they are easier to cut in half and handle. This cake recipe is superb! First- I loved this cake recipe!!!! Hi Olivia. I made this for my husband’s birthday and he LOVED it. I’ve considered using a SMB dam at the inside edges of the layers for stability. Thanks for the amazing feedback! Hi! Can we make one cake and cut it horizontally? Fabulous cake recipe! Do I just mix the alcohol in the filling, or do I make the syrup separately and have a layer of filling and a layer of cherry liquor syrup. I would suggest 1.5x the recipe and make cupcakes with any extra batter. You can then reduce the syrup and add tome Kirschwasser to brush onto the layers. I’ll have to try that next time. Hi! It’s an extra process but worth it, especially in the summer months. I need some help with the whipped cream. The cake itself is a bit delicate, but I think pairing it with the IMBC will help that. Make your day delicious! And it tasted great! I’ll have to try that. I do not want to use cherry liqueur as it has alcohol and I want my three year old daughter to have the cake as well. I use grams and am confused about the amounts as when i convert, 2 cups of flour is different to 2 cups of sugar, Hi Poppy! Thanks so much! That would work just fine. It seems as if the ganache process is similar to tempering except the heating is only done once. Hi Dear, Can I use dry cherry to make the syrup? HI I’m going to be making this cake for Christmas eve, but I’m not really a huge fan of whipped cream frosting, do you thing that a vanilla buttercream would work instead? Hi! Hi Akanksha! Butter two 20cm/8in round baking tins then line with buttered baking parchment. Cream and cherry’s nice but won’t be rushing to buy another, this was really nice for the price and would def buy again as a quick freezer dessert for family gathering, Nice cake. Hi Natasha! I’m so happy he loved it . Ciao, Margot. Baking is definitely a science! You can try using the recipe as is in one 26cm pan. It was the perfect substitute frosting! Fantastic. 1. Can you tell me substitutes that I can use for cherry liqueur that will not compromise the taste of the cake? Thank you!! I have heard great things about TJ’s morello cherries, I need to get my hands on some. The dowel is a good safety measure! doing this exactly like recipe says except liquor not using non alcohol syrup Followed the recipe exactly, just skipped cherry liquor and used sugar syrup instead. Hiya may be a silly question but I just wondered whether you use the same cup measurer for each ingredient? It will help a ton. Ideally you would increase it by 1/3 for two 9″ pans but that would give some weird amounts. I am planning on making this for a party on Saturday. Check that out! This looks amazing! The black forest cake looks awesome! Hey Liv, I plan to make this for my husband’s birthday. thank you . Add wet ingredients to dry and mix on medium for 2-3 mins. I left it in the fridge for 2 hours and it was a soft, thick, mess! Anyway, I will definitely try this recipe. I only had 9 inch pans so my cake was a little wider. Thanks so much for your tips! thanks, Hi Shuah! Hi Naomi! I haven’t baked at high altitude myself and it might require some experimentation. Heat cherry licorice (I use a sour cherry licqor from Portugal- not too sweet) just till it starts to boil. Hi Tash! I am so thrilled to hear you all loved it! Hi Cori! for your reading the product packaging and label prior to use. I think that would work fine! Olive oil will work fine but will flavour the cake slightly. Hi, I’m about to try your recipe and want to know if you use 8” x 2” or 8”x3” pans? (haha hope that didn’t sound too confusing! I only have that much on hand and I want to make this for Mother’s Day! Made as written, fantastic. You could make a cherry filling with them instead . BUY ME. Sorry to jump on this but would this recipe be ok to use in a 10” deep pan to cut into layers when cooked if so what would the measurements for the ingredients be … would love to try this out in this size thanks in advance, Hi Kalsoom! Sounds delicious, thanks for the tips! You could do it with a serrated knife, but that takes practice. I must say this is also the best chocolate cake receipe I have used. It should be fairly similar. For best results, I would use oil. Hi Dana! Hi Holly! Also, I am going to use the canned cherry pie filling because my grocery store doesn’t have fresh cherries yet. I making it for a school project to show off so I need to know if its fine. Thank you so much. Black Forest Cake . Aww, it just takes practice I am sure you can do it! Fresh cherries. I always stabilize my whipped cream when I am using it as a frosting. Hi Keryl! You will have to work quickly with this chocolate bark — since the chocolate isn’t tempered, it will melt on contact. I made the chocolate shards/bark but mine were way thicker than yours. So glad you love the cake . This cake looks so delicious! BUY ME. If you want to be really indulgent I pour over some Princes fruit filling black cherry (in a can) and add some extra cream ! I assembled the cake in a jar by the way. I made a lazy version of this today for Father’s Day! I’m planning on making this cake for a party tomorrow but I have a small question about the chocolate bark. I do have a Cake Safe and I have used a box with frozen water bottles and sealed edges to make a “refrigerated box” to transport a cake that far. The cake was moist with great chocolate flavor. My parchment paper was likely too small. I used dampened tea towels wrapped around the pans to try to minimize the dome effect; it worked marginally. Loving your cakes. Me again. Thanks again 3. I’m from Sri Lanka, we don’t have fresh cherries here, so I had to use many substitutes including marachino cherries but still it turned out great! I’d love to see it! My dad and I made this recipe about 2 months ago using 2 12” springform pan. I don’t know if this was because that’s how the recipe is or because of the altitude. Sorry to hear that you had trouble with this one. Are regular cherries the best? It’s a very scientific process. Hi Raji! I haven’t tried that with this particular recipe. I can’t wait to hear how everyone likes it! It’s really one of the easier ones! Hi! And some shaved chocolate on top. Haha thank you! I was looking through the ingredient list and was wondering if the vanilla mention was vanilla essence or vanilla extract. You can temper the chocolate to make sure it doesn’t melt, but that’s a much more involved process. It’s ideal due to the whipped cream frosting — it just doesn’t hold up as well as a standard buttercream does. My mom loooooved that cake and always got it for her birthday, and often at other times throughout the year as well. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. And how fun that you baked it with your 5 year old I hope you guys try more recipes. Coffee really complements the cherry and chocolate flavors. Hi Ainsley! Hi this recipe looks great! Although I baked it for an hour and tested with the skewer as well. I am making this for a murder mystery party I’m going to this weekend and wanted to make it the day before because I won’t have much time the day of. I’ll be making it it today as a late fathers day gift for my dad. Hi! Hi Lynda! Dear Olivia, Thanks so much! Cherries are only available for a short time not sure if they’re around yet. Hi Mira! I hope you love it! It should work fine. My oven tends to run a bit higher temp, so at about 30 minutes I started to check for doneness. Hiya! Thanks for the amazing feedback. Just…amazing recipe, Liv! Hi Haseeba! Hi Carrie! I’ve talked about my disdain for maraschino cherries before, and that feeling still holds true to this day. I wanted to make this with fresh strawberries Instead of cherries. You can make this one as a three-layer 6″ cake. Let me know how you like it! For. I live in Canada so not here yet. Bake for 45 mins or until a cake tester comes out mostly clean. May need to use canned stuff in the filling (I see walmart sells a brand called “m’lord” so hopefully that works). 3) In two 9″ pans, the layers will be too thin, but it might overflow the one 9″ pan.
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