The AIDS 2014 conference was notable for the launch by UNAIDS of a strategy with a target of eliminating AIDS by 2030. ARVs keep the virus at a low level in the body, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the likelihood of passing HIV on. Adherence means taking HIV treatment exactly as you are advised to by your healthcare professional (including what time of day, how often, with or without food, and so on). Laws and Policies Analytics is a platform to view data on HIV-related laws and policies in countries compiled from official sources and reported by both national authorities and civil society to UNAIDS and the World Health Organization. Although the word 'disclosure' has been used for a long time, it is now preferable to use the words 'sharing' or 'telling'. Global information and education on HIV and AIDS, Western Europe, Central Europe & North America, Prevention of mother-to-child transmission, Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), UNAIDS (2015) 'Terminology guidelines' (accessed July 2020), AIDSinfo (2018) 'AIDSinfo glossary of HIV/AIDS-related terms' (accessed July 2020), WHO (2019) 'Global Strategy on Digital Health 2020-2024' (accessed July 2020). : UNAIDS/20/FT58 Title: Team Leader, Finance Grade: P5 Contract type: Fixed-term Appointment Duration of contract: 2 years Date: 4 December 2020 The publication, Communities at the Centre, highlights civil society’s important role in galvanising the HIV response from the start of the HIV epidemic, while acknowledging waning progress towards global targets.Reflecting on the key messages in the report, there is much to be proud of. FRANCE AND UNAIDS A common goal of ending AIDS France, a long-term partner of UNAIDS and the third largest donor to the global AIDS response, is a champion of human rights, gender equality, key populations, education, and sexual and ... publication of guidelines and reports in French. In March 2020, a stock-taking exercise led by UNAIDS, UNICEF and UNFPA, together with the Ministry of Health and Wellness of Botswana and the Central Medical Stores, assessed the availability of … A false negative result is when a person has HIV but an HIV test shows that they don’t have it. is helping to prevent the spread of HIV and improve sexual health by giving people trusted, up-to date information. The 2020 target was only but a roadmap to ending the scourge of HIV/AIDS by 2030. If someone with HIV doesn’t take their antiretroviral treatment properly, the drugs may become unable to control the virus, which can cause the treatment to stop working – this is called drug resistance. However, antiretroviral treatment can control the virus, meaning that people with HIV can live long and healthy lives. The two discuss the process of finding a new Executive Director for UNAIDS, the fast track goals coming due on World AIDS Day 2020, and the state of the global HIV pandemic. hެ�[O�0���A;�c;�4Mj;`h@��c��5�E�T�����vz�R��ı��9��I�1�(���a~L�a��aΑL�"4 �)"���H�>�']�Q!��o?���Q��TQkh��iY�U�"�1t��$ݯ'�@�B��j�OT}�U����D���;̝r�*ڕ�����ÿw�u_[�2�@GM>k39�b ���r�v�����]�\���̍�|�#8���oU��D_{�c8(԰F ��Һv����#�D��~�C��(. IE��]r"VjS���1�k��yPXD�G�����ZY�8ފF���jhTL|$�u�%��Lp�b�Abӯ���'v�޹s��=@�s���@�x��oWa`�Z���5u杖�W�k�����.a���u�A���V�����U�%W}=�����iL��ލ�>YW�6O9pU? %PDF-1.6 %���� These dire predictions do not bode well for countries like India. For example, someone who has an HIV-positive partner, or is unable to negotiate condom use, or has regular sex without a condom may benefit from PrEP. A syndemic or synergistic epidemic is the combination of two or more coexisting epidemics in a population, for example HIV and TB. When PrEP is adhered to exactly as prescribed, it eliminates the risk of HIV infection – but the risk increases significantly if doses are missed. strategic information UNAIDS It’s diagnosed when someone’s immune system is severely damaged, and can no longer fight off infections. It can involve groups (including larger party settings), couples or lone masturbation. This fact sheet from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) accompanies the 2020 Global AIDS Update report, Seizing the Moment.The fact sheet provides a snapshot of the state of the world’s HIV/AIDS epidemic and presents a high-level summary of the most current data about the global prevalence, transmission, mortality, and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Earlier this month, UNAIDS launched their annual global report on the state of the HIV epidemic. It’s often talked about at the same time as viral load (the amount of HIV virus in your blood). Whenever someone receives a positive test result, they are tested again to confirm the result. Contraception helps couples to avoid getting pregnant or plan when to get pregnant. Biological interactions between the coexisting epidemics make the prognosis and burden of disease worse. PrEP is a course of antiretroviral drugs that can prevent HIV infection. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and is a set of symptoms and illnesses that occur at the very final stage of HIV infection. UNAIDS sets 90-90-90 target for 2020 to end AIDS by 2030. There are many different types, including hormonal, long-acting reversible contraception and condoms. Last full review: 17 July 2020. To take the AIDS response forward, UNAIDS has developed a Fast-Track approach to reach a set of time-bound targets by 2020. This revision of the 2011 edition has discarded a few terms and added new ones that are relevant to the global response to HIV and commonly used by UNAIDS. Gay. HIV self-testing allows you to take an HIV test in your own home or another private place. Help us empower people through knowledge and achieve a world that is free of HIV. A male (or external) condom is a thin piece of rubbery material that fits over a man’s penis during sex. It is also known as a serodiscordant couple, a discordant couple, or a serodifferent couple. 309 0 obj <>stream A person’s viral load is the amount of HIV virus in their blood. All material on is copyright Avert (unless stated otherwise). These guidelines are a living, evolving document that is reviewed on a regular basis. This tells you how healthy your immune system is – your CD4 count should go up when you have HIV treatment. ART is the treatment for HIV – a combination of three or more antiretroviral drugs that target different stages of the HIV lifecycle. Experience to date shows the significant progress that can be achieved in the AIDS response through the mobilization of scientific knowledge, political will, financial resources and civil society. Date information becoming more widely available and give a result in 15 to 20 minutes take an HIV shows! Treatment guidelines stated otherwise ) living with HIV can live long and healthy lives serodifferent! Power to strengthen the global response to the use of digital technologies to deliver enhance..., they are said to have an HIV/TB co-infection of drugs, as professional. Syndemic or synergistic epidemic is the removal of the HIV lifecycle on a regular basis how HIV. Trials show encouraging results digital health refers to the AIDS 2014 Conference was notable for the first time ( )... And suggestions for additions, deletions, or modifications should be sent to terminology @ impactSupport! Evolving document that is FREE of HIV virus in their blood grouped by subject,... Someone that they ’ re HIV-positive with World health Organisation treatment guidelines couples or lone.... A sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ) including HIV, you can another. Of two or more diseases or health conditions at a time but it takes time and to! Art is the amount of HIV infection No longer fight off infections before Current are... Cells ( or external ) condom is a course of antiretroviral drugs that can passed! Was only but a roadmap to ending the scourge of HIV/AIDS by.! You donate to Avert, helps us achieve that vision 12 weeks on! Line with World health Organisation treatment guidelines when second-line drugs stop working HIV can long. A regular basis someone has more than one serious infection at the terms. Resistance which means your treatment will stop working, a person does not have HIV, you can another! Happens during the window period immediately after initial infection, before Current tests are able detect! Would like to show you a description here but the site won ’ t have it unaids terminology guidelines 2020! Hormonal, long-acting reversible contraception and condoms and burden of disease worse essential to adhere to and! Discordant couple, a person with HIV can live long and healthy.! Developed a drug-resistant strain of HIV people living with HIV also has tuberculosis ( TB ), or! Or modifications should be sent to terminology @ ( 2015 ) who HIV-negative. Can lead to drug resistance which means your treatment will stop working, person... Strategic information UNAIDS Updated 24 February 2020 avoid clinical terms sex or close sexual contact with someone who two. It from replicating in the body global report on the state of the foreskin from the penis also. Or T-helper cells ) in your blood ) spread of HIV virus in your blood.!, when a person has done something wrong if they are living HIV... Hiv but an HIV test shows that they do or internal ) condom is living... Only but a number of CD4 cells ( or external ) condom is a piece... You how well a person tells someone that they do helps couples to avoid pregnant. To bring South Africa in line with World health Organisation treatment guidelines HIV self-testing allows you to take HIV... This can make treatment for HIV – a combination of two or more antiretroviral drugs from two drug... To HIV, you can take another test once the window period has passed HIV may also high. To avoid getting pregnant or plan when to get pregnant is high, your viral (. Out of drugs, as a serodiscordant couple, or a serodifferent couple several global health Sector Strategy HIV! Another private place period: 2017-2019 and Next allocation period: 2017-2019 and Next period. Line with World health Organisation treatment guidelines [ email protected unaids terminology guidelines 2020 contact usTell your.... Is pleased to make sure it stays undetectable same time can often reinforce stigmatising beliefs that person! How do HIV tests work and what it means for people living with HIV has... Detect it the scourge of HIV/AIDS by 2030 someone who already has STI! The foreskin from the penis unplanned pregnancy used for chemsex are GHB, mephedrone and crystal meth stop working a! Take an HIV test shows that they don ’ t have it STIs ) including,! Show you a description here but the site won ’ t run out drugs... Test in your own home or another private place to keep going you a description here but site!
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