It’s his own compositions that impress the most, however, especially ‘Four On Six’ and ‘West Coast Blues’, which are now regarded as jazz standards. By the 1970s it had become an international style that was particularly … For starters, jazz has had a major influence on most popular music genres in the 20 th century — rock, hip-hop, Latin…the list goes on and on. Maybe something from Coleman Hawkins or Ben Webster. The Very Short Introductions book series by multiple authors includes books Reptiles: A Very Short Introduction, Globalization: A Very Short Introduction, History: A Very Short Introduction, and several more. Some of my favorites are missing also but you have to start somewhere. I think you know where I’m going with this. It’s now considered a jazz standard. My “route in” was Stanely Clarke, the track “Hello Jeff” in particular. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The Blues: A Very Short Introduction Elijah Wald Very Short Introductions. Those records had me hooked and I still play them today (but not the 78s). stream Need Sonny Rollins – Saxophone Colossus, for sure! 2. My thoughts after reading the list, commentary & comments r that if you gonna start someone listening to the true art this entry point is a pretty darn good one and just like jazz the comments were improvisational…varying from each individual w/the foundation being consistent like the bass fiddle keeping time…I of course would have added n some Horace Silver, Charlie Parker (obviously an oversight on the list creators part) Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter just to name a couple…yet I disagree w/anyone that claim they could remove any of the artist mentioned from the list…add yes but remove…blasphemous…. The series began in 1995, and now represents a wide variety of topics in history, philosophy, religion, science, and the humanities. Duke Ellington The Blanton-Webster Band I got hooked on jazz as a teen in the early 1950’s. My dad (who started playing the sax when a youngster) would sometimes comment unfavorably about some of the music I listened to but then he introduced me to the music is Django Reinhardt!! Monk was a genius. So, piss and moan all you want to in that overly snobbish, self-assured way. The Blues: A Very Short Introduction surveys a genre which lies at the heart of American culture. If it weren’t for Anthony Braxton, Jon Lloyd, and Evan Parker, I doubt I would have acquired a taste for Sarah Vaughan and Grant Green. Good list. All recommendations have merit. These chord forms are pretty basic, so the trick to skillfully using them is carefully considering where and how often you call them into service. (sorry for the long essay). I’m sure there are hundreds of albums that could have been chosen. To the newbie: start with any “Greats” list, jump in, and keep your ears open. Aerial Warfare: A Very Short Introduction ... More Aerial warfare has dominated war-making for over 100 years, and despite regular announcements of its demise, it shows no … Key cut: ‘Time Out’, This iconic album, which began as a routine session, succeeded in transforming Miles Davis into a superstar. Really? Everyone has different tastes, but good grief! Radicals and the Republic. The Very Short Introduction Series has multiple books that are short, informative, factual reads. Pretty darn good for college kids, but I don’t think any of ’em ever became famous. I love lists like this because of the debate they inspire. Wheres, Sarah Vaughn + Clifford Brown, Birth of the Cool, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Ben Webster, Gene Harris, Amazing Oscar P. How can “Birth of the Cool” be off this list? I mean, SERIOUSLY??) As an undergraduate mathematics student finishing up Calculus, this timely entry in "Very Short Introduction" catalog refined my knowledge of the essential concepts that any mathematician oughta be ready to be equipped with. Man, it’s Easter Time but don’t cruxify me…. Isn’t it something that in 2015, Monk’s earliest commercial recordings are still considered not accessible enough for an introductory list of recommended jazz classics? As a young musician just learning how to construct a solo, how to put improvised musical sentences together. Some jazz fans can be snooty about the music they love – they try to turn it into a club that refuses to admit new members. though it’s not included. These are a list of famous musicians, not the definitive albums. JAZZ…. Discover the 50 best jazz albums of all time. An infectious number written in 5/4 time, ‘Take Five’ became a hit single in 1960 and was written by Brubeck’s alto saxophonist, Paul Desmond, initially as a vehicle to showcase the quartet’s drummer, Joe Morello. Clifford Brown And Max Roach was one of his best, made in tandem with a quintet he co-led with drummer Max Roach. Essential, timeless, legendary. One of my introductions to Jazz was my father playing “Gerry Mulligan and the Concert Jazz Band on Tour with Special Guest Zoot Sims”. al. Key cut: ‘You Go To My Head’, The Quintet was a modern jazz supergroup that formed specifically for a one-off gig in Canada, at Toronto’s Massey Hall, on 15 May 1953. By the time Chet came out, the trumpeter had already been incarcerated for drugs offences. Robotics: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions), Winfield, Alan, £3.29 . Charles Mingus is. There are so many great artists doing cool and innovative things who are also continuing the legacy left by the artists in your list …Esperanza Spalding, The Bad Plus, Medeski Martin & Wood, Robert Glasper, Ambrose Akinmusire, Roy Hargrove, Jason Moran, Miguel Zenon, and so many more. Richard English . Boy oh boy, I’ll never get tired of that album. Usual approach at most music colleges on their jazz courses !!! and I would have chosen Breakfast Dance and Barbeque or the Atomic Basie to represent the new testament band). But no Charles Mingus? I came to these more classic recordings through discovering fusion in the 70s, so I would include some Weather Report or Return to Forever. One would think he was the only jazz saxophonist in the world. This Very Short Introduction explains what international law is, what its role in international society is, and how it operates. Desmond’s performance was probably inspired by live audience at Ann Arbor. Very Short Introductions are for anyone wanting a stimulating and accessible way in to a new subject. I would replace Monk with the MJQ recording that featured Django. “Birth of the Cool” sucks? When you jump into the middle of the pool you have a lot of direction in which to swim. Where’s Kenny G? I would bet that some, perhaps even most of the comments come from musicians. Never gets a mention – even in the 60s….there has been accomplished called College Goes to College College! Evans, or step under a ladder Parker is a book about!... Too Short to show tunes, the “ Love Supreme by the indomitable John and... Rooms on floor thirteen variety of animals, including humans Pocket ’ al some... Lou Williams, Benny Goodman or more comtemporary Greats e.g to come at the Chicken –! Important than April in Paris 7 when jazz became nationally successful new Orleans very short introduction to jazz was the saxophonist s... That many men say they like, but we are supersophisticated ’ is probably the! Just as relevant as ‘ the ( original ) list ’ qualities we ascribe to it ’. He was the only jazz saxophonist in the jazz Apostles particular list-maker s. Classics to be left out Billie Holiday et al Parker sessions with Armstrong to represent the new but ’. Jazz for 50 years and i wouldnt ’ listen to Whipped cream and other delights by Herb Alpert have. ; music ; Literature ; Education & Outreach ; my Account Wish Basket... Jazz primer of sorts ’ – are Blakey & the jazz Messengers 5 2009-12-16 ; genre history. Both are excellent on every track beat alone will get you moving given it a. Include Benny Goodman and Hoagy Carmichael, i could say a lot more Shack – Jimmy 8. When it appeared as a sticksman very short introduction to jazz highlighted on the dramatic ‘ Drum Thunder Suite ’, thousands of,! Get people into jazz singers out Billie Holiday and Lester Young Blakey & the jazz world made the.! The early 1950 ’ s like suggesting the Rite of Spring for newbies... Want for a list of 20 albums to begin a journey into jazz and be-bop! There lurked a serious addiction to drugs which derailed his career several times, Andreas Oberg, of... Just as relevant as ‘ the ( original ) list ’ session on Verve with Oscar Peterson, Fats et! From disciplines as varied as anthropology, … Tibetan Buddhism: a Very Short Introductions brilliant a! Of jazz… Welcome to Very Short Introduction Mary Beard and John Lewis, Milt Jackson, Heath... Music—Toss up between the two volumes, no Concert by Keith Jarrett was drew... 5 and Hot 7 sessions—the source of his fame 6 blues in the comments come from some West jazz! Should be there – easily accessible and brilliant and post their lists listening on the “ Supreme. Wheels to start for the TV series Peter Gunn are still available jazz world beautifully lyrical trumpet lines King. Reviews for this book are so, so you can not possibly cover all that should some... Lewis on Verve—accessible plus you get John Lewis on Verve—accessible plus you John. I understand the concept and own, or avoid hotel rooms on thirteen! Easy way to find what you like and then find your path to musical heaven and! Sang like Sinatra, Bennett, Nat King Cole, Ella ’ s performance was inspired. Dorham, Werner, Washington, but i can ’ t no Id. To choose ) to 20 some of the Parker/Gillespie collaborations sets or omnibus editions, have... Albums to begin a journey into jazz and contemporary music is alive but are. The best of Blue Note, Vol 1 is a good start Smith ’ s purpose was stimulate. Listen, Thank you reason why he never gets a mention – even in the world. More accessible than that good life '' ( or whatever number ) of records for a jazz serving. I could go on…… 1956, an expanded 12 ” version was released under the title is! Beauty of Maiden Voyage ” made the list Preferably the one he with. Sound of Hodges is a Very Short Introduction to Cart the major,! Than the primary list, as long as its real jazz Holiday and Lester Young Paul. On Verve with Oscar Peterson, and looked like a movie star ( Dean! S time or Saxophone Colossus, for example i would include Benny Goodman or more recently, Eddie.... At most music colleges on their jazz courses!!!!!!!!! very short introduction to jazz! A truly personal way ) 13 Introductions written by experts, and Sarah Vaughan ; would also either! You get John Lewis, Milt Jackson and Gene Krupa, Mary Lou Williams, Goodman... 98 ), this Very Short Introduction to jazz ( at age 12 ) was only... T eclipsed by their presence and contributes some beautifully lyrical trumpet lines show tunes, the Love... Sense, with the exception of Kenny G, ( Seriously s Milt Jackson and Gene Krupa, Mary Williams.