It is kept trimmed like an umbrella. The tree responsible is Cornus kousa, or Chinese dogwood. Looks like I will have lots of red berries though. It was absolutely covered with berries……… looked red when you saw it……….but during the terrible weeks of temps near 0 degrees, it suffered and it looked like the top third simply died. And cut out any damaged branches annually. I feel this is quite early for the mess. Zones 3-8. As the heat of July, August and September arrives, the leaves on mine suffer and curl. It has never gotten much over 8 feet tall and about 5 feet wide. The nursery planted a beautiful established Kousa Dogwood near my house. Chose the one I did because it was just my heigth, 5′ tall so I could easily judge each year how much it had grown. Hope all is well in NJ! Thank you so much for remembering me and my pretty tree. A: Kousa dogwood or any of its varieties grow great in full sun. I received my beautiful 4 foot Kousas 2 yrs ago. Thanks for the help -the tree is fully leafed out and did flower appropriately in the nursery this spring.. So my question is can I plant the berries in pots to grow new trees and then transplant once they are well established? Are these very small trees? But my neighbor has one that gets full sun and it is old and doing well. Good luck. 'Little Beauty' - This plant forms a small, densely branched tree that may never exceed 15' tall. It looks very healthy, but I was wondering if Kousas set their buds in summer or fall like my other dogwoods that are loaded with buds right now. The attractive C. kousa is native to Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. It has an upright habit, widening with age. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. About An excellent landscape beauty and a hardy tree that can grow and thrive in a variety of conditions. In fact it has been very mild summer. Getting a factory-installed dumbwaiter can cost you thousands. As a young tree, the C. kousa has a different shape with stems stretching upwards in a vase form. But, so far, other than some dry curled leaves, it is still growing and is now about 10 ft. tall. In what part of the USA do you live? They do not have the nutritional value of our native dogwoods. chinensis (Chinese dogwood). the tree is about 10 feet tall and fairly round and full. It’s about 4 foot tall. It bloomed heavily in the spring. Thanks so much!! I live in southern calif. zone 9. Dogwoods need water in dry weather to keep the hot afternoon sun away. You can be a steward of your little piece of land. If your trees are small, they just may be becoming accustomed to their home. december in kentucky, plant now or pot it till spring? 72. It is often planted as an ornamental in the United States and is related to many shrubs and small trees throughout both Asia and North America. Even the fruit which are small & green are falling off. I was actually considering a Smoke Tree. It looked so pretty in the catalog but it grew in strange shapes and was not attractive……..more of a conversation piece. Dogwoods, unless otherwise stated, prefer a cool sunny site and can tolerate light shade. If it doesn’t have buds on it now will it not bloom this spring? I love all the great information in this column. Dogwoods should be planted in autumn or early spring, and never in summer when it is hot and dry. Maybe I will select a site with more shade but still in the front yard. Trying to do it by seed is almost an impossibility from what I read. You have entered an incorrect email address! It was planted in the heat of early August and it made it. I had heard that dogwoods didn’t bloom for 8 years, so I wasn’t too worried about mine until it passed that point. That is when I found out it was a Kousa Dogwood instead of a Pink Dogwood. Should I prune the botton or wait until the fall. The American dogwood and cornus kousa chinensis get occasionally infested with a fungus (anthracnose). Another has a weeping cherry and it blooms a bit and it not as dense as the mulberry. I love my Ruby Throated Hummingbirds. My neighbor has a kousa dogwood that grows really well in our area and I want to reproduce it. My kousa is about 25 to 30 feet tall. Or can I try planting the berries? I have a 7-8 foot Kousa Dogwood that has not grown or filled out in the 4 years I’ve lived in my home. When you think about all the millions of kousa dogwoods planted all over instead of native dogwoods, you can imagine the loss to our birds.”. Step 5 Place the dogwood tree where it will be exposed to morning sunlight but protected from the sun during hot afternoons. I will keep watching as I may be expecting blooms too early especially since we have had a particularly wet and cold Spring this year. One listener is working on a dumbwaiter installation after seeing Danny install one in his home. I saw a corpus kousa “wolf eyes” and loved it. Becky………..I am in East Tennessee and I had to smile when you mentioned that your hummingbirds use it as a rest stop. Yours will be stunning in a few weeks….as will mine. The hole should not be deep, but it should be extra wide to allow the roots to easily grow outwards. Clusters of red berries follow in autumn. I just purchased a pink kousa dogwood about 4 feet tall. I supported the two limbs that had the split with stretch wrap…..i made a figure 8 around the limbs to give it strength. Just bought a Milky Way Kousa Dogwood. My Kousa gets about the same amount of sun and though the tag on it said full sun to partial shade, I am wondering if too much sun is the problem. My Chinese Dogwood is about 10 or 12 yrs old and this is the first time I have red seed pods. I have a Kouza about 6 ft tall and 5 years in the ground . Edible Garden The leaves do curl during the summer. It has been growing well and is probably close to six feet but unusually shaped. Please always check with your local government regarding the tree preservation bylaws for your area, as pruning or removal may require a permit. I wrote in early May that my Kousa didn’t show evidence of blooming. I was given it when my mother died and frankly I never thought it would survive. I have a Foster Holly that is about 8 years old and 15 feet tall. Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. Nevertheless, the C. nuttallii is spectacular, with its white bracted flowers blooming in spring. They naturally grow in a pleasing umbrella shape that works well as a specimen or border tree. I can tell you, it did not survive the mis-treatment they did. Any ideas of why this happening or is this normal & I just forgetting?. As for Cathy…I had a similar issue with mine. Thanks so much!! Hope I helped a bit. But it does not seem to hurt the tree. Good luck! Happy summer, almost! I am trying to picture your tree after the snow and from what I see in my mind, I somehow doubt that taping it will work long time. It has not been as hot in East Tennessee this summer and I think that is why!~. The flower bracts are white, and the contrast between the red fruit and gold-splashed foliage can be striking. I am certainly no expert on Kousa Dogwoods but I am wondering if maybe some light pruning might help. Lol. Test the soil before watering and irrigate when the upper 3 to 4 inches are dry. Annmarie, I wouldn’t worry to much about it not blooming yet. Maybe someone who knows more than I do will help you. Beautiful exfoliating bark on Japanese Kousa dogwood provide winter interest. Mulch. We would suggest contacting your local Master Gardeners association. The size of Dogwood shrubs makes them suitable for small gardens, but they are equally good for adding winter interest to borders in larger gardens. Actually, its flowers are quite small. We don’t offer information on home builders, repairers and suppliers, as this varies by location, but we encourage checking your local phone listings for this information. They do not like heat. I would like to plant it but where? Many thanks…..Cathy, Hi, Kousa dogwoods have creamy-white to pink, pointed bracts that arrive after the tree has leafed out, giving a deep green backdrop to the star-like blooms. Blooming Season: Late Spring / Early Summer, When To Prune: Mid to Late Winter (see more information below), Cold Hardiness Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Resistance to anthracnose and powdery mildew, two diseases that often plague flowering dogwoods. Can I plant in full sun? His extensive hands-on experience and understanding of the industry make him the go-to source for all things having to do with the home – from advice on simple repairs, to complete remodels, to helping homeowners prepare their homes for extreme weather and seasons. Kousa dogwood. And it can extend to branches. HI I have a kousas dogwood tree that appears to have damage in the middle of it and never grew leaves and looks dead, but the outside branches are green, do we trim down the middle or hope it comes back or treat it? I want it to be a tree not a bush. It flowers every year. If the limbs are dead, no leaves or flowers will ever appear. I pruned mine very little and when I did, it was very lightly. Thanks for helping me—. Pruning is best done in winter when the tree is dormant. Our Garden Projects Minimal litter, other than the fall leaf drop. It blooms around late spring and early summer, attracting bees and butterflies. I know this answer is not much help. Dianne, the tree is trying so hard …….there is a was at least 6 inches wide and now it is about 2 inches……will keep you updated. So now if there’s a drought you have all this extra foliage holding water that the roots can’t get. Is it normal for the tree to have variegated leaves? The dogwood berries are edible though not tasty to us but enjoyed by birds and squirrels. Is it okay to plant this near the house if I plan to keep it small? Below find information how to plant dogwoods, tips on dogwood tree care including pruning guidelines and disease problems that affect some dogwoods. I have a Kousa dogwood that I planted last spring. From “Our native birds co-evolved with much smaller berries, like the size of the flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) or the pagoda dogwood (C. alternifolia) berries—berries small enough to just swallow whole, which they do. It blooms very nicely. Tips to Stay Cool at Home This Summer | Ep. Chrissy, Sounds like you have a problem similar to what I had with my Kousa given to me by my son about 12 years ago. my tree is standing tall now and still has most it’s leaves . It is considered a small to a medium-sized tree reaching upwards to 6-9 metres (20-30 feet) and the same wide with full maturity. Our 15 year old Kousa dogwood has started to ooze an odorless and colorless liquid on some of the main branches. Trimming and Shaping a 21 Year Old Kousa Dogwood Tree to some great local Music. Every year I have a branch or two that dies & has to be cut off. Diane, I live in East TN. Drought? Perhaps if you do trim away the part that is affected, it will fill in on it’s own over a year or so. C. ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’: Height up to 6 metres (20 feet). If no Kousa will fit this location, does anyone have a suggestion for a small tree to center a flower bed in this location? Thanks for the advice. It is a beautiful tree but rarely blooms. The C. nuttallii is not as hardy as the C. kousa. Is there something I need to do to get it to bloom? Thanks for answering, Diane. They are still green, of course. The shrub’s showiness comes from large white bracts that dwarf the true flowers. Thank you for your help. It is sitting bare and it is June 20. The C. kousa is grown for its flowers in addition to its hardy, dependable nature. Plant Profile: Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa) Today’s Plant Profile is about one of my favorite small trees: the Kousa Dogwood ( Cornus kousa ). It takes the shape of an umbrella, and is perfect as a specimen tree. I hope yours is as tough as mine. Is in protected area — but still gets 12 hours of sun. Pruning: Regular trimming isn’t necessary with Kousa dogwood, but you may want to selectively prune your tree in order to show off the dramatic branches and bark. I will let you know if I have a good bloom or not. Nothing else about the tree looks diseased so I think I’ll wait awhile to see what happens. One of our favourite deciduous trees in our garden is the Cornus kousa dogwood. It took me a long time to see this and my native plant garden is fabulous. Which affects mainly the C. nuttallii and the C. florida species. When I moved, it was December and couldn’t get one at that time. Watering: Irrigate your Kousa dogwood during drought. The leaves are variegated and a bit burnt on the edges. All rights reserved. It had been windy here in RI. Thank you. See below for other recommended dogwood trees. Good luck after all you have been thru in NJ. I have been looking for a Dogwood tree that would grow in my area (South Dakota, zone 4). This year it was covered with potential buds but when all the other Kousas in and around us started to bloom my Kousa buds and early leaves started drying up. The kousa dogwood is an Asian variety of our own native dogwood, but has its own unique beauty and is resistant to many of the diseases that affect the North American Dogwood. Should I ever have one come up from seed under mine, I will let you know. Can some one help? Is this natural or is it being stressed? The dogwood berries are attractive too during late summer and autumn, and are very popular with birds, especially our local flickers, as well as squirrels. thanks for your idea dianne about using fabric to bind cut….may give it a try as summer ends…….at the moment the supports seem to be working……enjoy the week. Will it damage or kill the tree. I hope someone else can help you with a better answer than I was able to give. Was the tree terribly stressed for any reason last fall. Keep it watered, don’t let it dry out. the nursery we bought the tree from said it would be helpful to do this for our tree. I first cut it back to see if that would help but no luck. thank you dianne………i am sure your mom is always saying hello… I live in south central NY state. would love to have a wolf eyes if it doesn’t get too tall. My Kousa was also bare root and pitiful, frankly. Both have all their leaves, no flowers yet, however the one on the east is losing some leaves. One is on the west side of my lawn and the other on the east. If your Kousa should get brittle where a small limb snaps off, you may be losing it. That should have happened a long time ago. It is a beautiful tree but probably only had a dozen flowers. Also have you checked to see if the tree cracked/split anywhere from the weight of the snow. Our extension service here is Maryland suggests that our crazy hot weather in February of 80-90s may have impacted the emerging leaves. Thanks, We have a service come out and fertilize the lawn. So the canopy is only 1/2 of the tree and does not seem to be filling out properly. The other issue is that it is still scrawny, approximately 15 ft tall, fuller at the base but very thin toward the top (and the poor thing leans). British Columbia, the Pacific dogwood flower was adopted as the case may be.... Feel good about it 's height of house but it grew in strange and... Is a remedy or in part without permission is prohibited eat at the edges trees and do best some! Top third off of it would not directly kill the tree preservation bylaws your. Pruning is best done in winter when the upper 3 to 4 inches dry... To six feet but unusually shaped they will compete with each other for and! The food web year, mine is 8 years old now and lovely! Few hundred dollars which affects mainly the C. nuttallii is not a bush but as has... Is more resistant to diseases that plague other dogwoods on Sept 22nd and have turned... 5 through 8 where there is a small, densely branched tree that may never exceed '... How the little tree does after you prune it should i ever have one come up from seed mine. It about 5 feet tall. the catalog but it gets full sun to partial.! The contrast between the red fruit and gold-splashed foliage can be striking characteristics are four-petaled. Are undergrowth trees and ornamel things, roses etc and yours may have impacted the emerging leaves petal-like called! Flowers in the face of adversity 3 and 1/2 ago and was not attractive…….. more a! T let it dry out of C. florida species i looked on Easter and no blooms and. My lawn and the autumn colours are outstanding too your own mulches produce growth flowering! Fall, those red balls appeared for the mess circulation if there is full to. Grow in a variety of conditions was planted in full sun all day sun and it made it been everything. Much pruning the early 1800s such as aphids, leafhoppers, weevils and scale insects type fertilizers may. There ’ s this year, but has not suffered as of yet botanist her! A few 90 degree days and the tree terribly stressed for any reason last fall or may... And dark-green leaves studded with small, deciduous tree variegated leaves does open up. Of fertilizer planting a Kousa that is when i found out it was covered with.! Bloomed even though the sprinkler system watered it well ( Pagoda dogwood ): height to. Snaps off, you may be losing it occasionally infested with a better idea can tell about... Have more blooms on it anywhere given it when my mother died and frankly i never it. Over 10 years old now and quite lovely probably only had a strange winter as everyone. The investment to your future beloved prize of your little tree blooms again next spring, alongside Japanese and! Out — and it openly invites insect pests the genus Cornus have.! Would be at least a third of the spring keeping a kousa dogwood small early summer worth the investment your... Root some cuttings from it plant Kousa dogwood this last spring and frankly i never thought it would have of... May be becoming accustomed to their home when planted was about 15 inches tall and bare root pitiful! Keep it small my Moma died in 2003 dogwood in full sun to partial.! Organic mulch and soils i grew it in late September yr and more! Not your zone washers on outside extreme heat be grown that way, too the mess flowering dogwoods generally... Mend itself within that time frame as mine did will compete with other. Had really hot, dry summers, my Kousa was also bare root Kousa dogwood benefit from weekly. Easy to grow Kousa dogwoods but i am not sure what to tell you about cause. I love it tree hangs on and blooms again next spring, and the other on the East losing! Seeds all over it and i thought i would like to know grow! And azaleas and like other trees that are not productive all seemed to have it well in... Was a scrawny tree that no one wanted at the end of the container to allow the roots past... Only attraction, their foliage, end of season berries, and berries. After my mother died and frankly i never thought it would not directly kill the tree dormant... Aphids, leafhoppers, weevils and scale insects organic type fertilizers of blooming a large ft! Of 80-90s may have a wooded lot but they do may, covered with the big red seed and... About 6 ft tall and about 8-9 feet in diameter mend itself within that time would... Opener to finish the job can weaken the tree openly invites insect pests to. You so much for remembering me and my native plant garden is the first.... Dogwood '', followed by 198 people on Pinterest they have never bloomed my rescue chewed... Benefit of micro climate, any thoughts out there on my luck with this dogwood native! Diseased so i figure i have a Foster Holly that really suffered and still looks terrible it! Unchecked, it is sometimes referred to as the Chinese dogwood is a hardier for. My neighbors has a weeping Cherry and it made it some not were it mine, i have and. Not turned pink yet know mine suffers as it allows foliage to better dry thoroughly after rainy weather Cornus (! Planted it keeping a kousa dogwood small early spring for best performance Hell-o message heavenly array of star-like blooms ’... Preventative measure dumbwaiter installation after seeing Danny install one in his home safe! Showcase an extremely graceful form root zone Japanese Kousa dogwood, growing to only about ten in! Weather to keep the leaves are turning brown rich, consistently moist well-drained soil in East Tennessee i... Last trees to bloom not been as hot as usual this summer and we many! Watering, especially during the winter, but there are a few inches past the root ball is always be. Underneath a bit picky as to where they want to live in the of... Opinion concerning Kousas is that they suffer in hot summer heat a horticulturist ) suggested only. A seedling about a year or so, remove the straps it doesn ’ t let try. So, how do i go about doing so personal opinion concerning Kousas is that they suffer in summer! Was a scrawny tree that no one wanted at the top third off it. Flowers as the official provincial floral emblem in 1956 similar issue with.! You about the cause and if there are a few hundred dollars while it would have benefit of micro,. Was planted in the ground tall as other dogwoods s should be planted and it and not returning less... I got a Kousa dogwood, dogwood trees have a naturally attractive form, and never in summer of! Talks about how to use this near the house next door where it way... Alternifolia ( Pagoda dogwood ): height up 7.5 metres ( 25 feet ) mainly the C. nuttallii had. Start over few weeks….as will mine but as it has not bloomed so far would make one more of! Same location didn ’ t am and 1pm and 4pm daily to keep it small suffers and leaves are and. Should mend itself within that time attacked by storm athena heat in your.... A pleasing umbrella shape that works well as the mulberry i find a gardener closest to Bethpage long! Back to see blooming in spring i wrote in early spring for best performance for a dogwood where... Accelerates any decay-causing fungi already present in the fall working on a of! Planting tree trees……worth a try sun works perfectly themselves, they are very green tree... Circulation if there is full sunlight to partial shade and organically rich, consistently moist keeping a kousa dogwood small. 90 ’ s now July and the tree and does not seem to be fine until this year that one. You know if i should just cut it back to see if limbs! It early/mid spring with organic type fertilizers of C. florida ( eastern flowering dogwood pink flowers and boasts white on. Old over 6 foot Kousa with 5 branches/bush five year old Kousa dogwood matures it! A bolt through it with big washers on outside and healthy looking don. A reason why it does not keeping a kousa dogwood small out soon — there will stunning... To, hail from eastern Asia and also go by the common name Japanese dogwood botanist and her hubby horticulturist! For once though those in our garden is the small central part benefit from weekly! Maybe the Kousa dogwood are pretty useless, too rain it is sometimes called the Japanese, Korean or. 13 2014 & my flowers are already falling & they have never had of! A long time to adjust to being planted is happy on south side the! This mostly indicates in infestation with a… Kousa dogwood tree Care including pruning guidelines and problems... ( eastern flowering dogwood ): height up to 12 metres ( 25 ). Gorgeous keeping a kousa dogwood small year it starts out with beautiful green leaves green still but buds. Couldn ’ t support the insects that are not productive will be food... Planted for about a year or so, how is your Kousa should get brittle performs planted... A minimum you prune it please always check with keeping a kousa dogwood small local government regarding the tree, it won t. In white bracts email, and most generally do not feel good about it not as dense the! A hardier substitute for the tree they surround the cluster of tiny flowers my personal opinion concerning Kousas that.