These stores are very difficult to keep clean because there is so much merchandise on the floor at once, and there is not a very rigid organization style. Prices are accurate at the time this article was published, but may change over time. to tell the truth tj maxx sell fakes, they are not designer quality clothing, they don't have a scoop on buying designer clothing they are fakes with designer names on them. I am greatfull for what they mean to my budjet and wish other would consider that. most of it is past season but so what. While this is all stuff that's as is on the rack, as a customer I would avoid it at all costs and as an employee, I agree with the person I am replying to that you should be a bit dim to get by working there and the customers should do a better job monitoring their children, what they do in the stores in-regards to not messing of the racks, un-wrapping things, getting to check-out lines quickly upon closing, etc. that thing about the clashing music is so true!!! I found a quilt that was exactly what I'd been looking for for several months now. I will be doing a feature on them soon as well. Also, great prices on high-end, European handbags if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one. Instead, we recommend sticking to your tried and true or testing out new products with samples from Sephora or travel sizes, so you can save money without wasting product. Piles of shoes and lingerie will be on the floor and last week I found that a child had drawn on a mirror in red crayon. Although they may be discounted, he said the ones he’s purchased always wind up being too thin and leave you slipping around. While HomeGoods may have some hidden gems and big brand names in their furniture department, we recommend being cautious when shopping for investment pieces like dressers or a set of dining chairs. After receiving a pair of paige jeans for Xmas from my aunt I had many problems from the fabric puckering. I described in dertail ther handbag and was told itvwas a fake. I dislike that TJ Maxx and similar stores are organized by size, rather than style. Plus, certain products can cost just as much—or even more—than they do online, so you might be spending more and going home with a “used” product. BUDGET FRAGRANCE SHOPPING @ TK MAXX NETHERLANDS - Duration: 13:25. Thanks! Presentation is everything no matter where you go. People (mostly women) flock to these stores like savages and I'm willing to bet that most of them don't need anymore clothes but they're still buying more. Is a steam bath the secret to baking better bread? Most of them are good people. It would take hours to clean the shoes up completely after I get off work and that's usually after 10. Pretty idiotic but that's how they operate. They refused to even settle out of court and there was noway it could go to trial with what was there. Professional hair products from companies like Redken, TIGI, Sexy Hair concepts, etc....don't allow their professional products in stores unless they have a salon period! It's a lose, lose. One of my coworkers claims you should never buy yoga mats at T.J.Maxx or HomeGoods. the original price was $999. tj maxx is weird like that. I influenced family members and friends and this place is always their top choice when shopping. The clothes are not defective so it's just more of cosmetic thing. These items may seem like a good deal, but a bunch of products can come into stock from failed product inspection. The women's section is probably the most shopped. I have been a hairstylist for 13+ yrs and alot of their shampoos, conditioners, styling creams, and such, are super old. Hearing someone break something and go over there and there isn't anybody in sight...really?? Plus, with limited inventory it can be difficult to find matching sets in stores or similar styles in other locations. And The company is good to us. However I beg to differ in that they don't buy from old stock. I'd love it if they sold housewares too. I thought matching it would be easier. They have seriously improved since this was posted. TK Maxx has some of the best beauty deals around. I noticed this summer that my local Marshalls was pinning the top and bottom of bikinis together with the security device, so it was IMPOSSIBLE to try's not realistic to ask the attendant to unpin eight different bikinis just to see if they fit. Standard emoticons like :-) and ;-) are converted to images. I discovered TJ Maxx as a fluke a couple of years ago (i thought it was like Ross....i was VERY wrong!!!). So please, if you are a customer, think twice about putting the shoes where they belong! It’s great for beginners and will keep you from slipping and sliding when getting into your flow. NEVER MISS A POST! But when you're shopping at discount stores like these, you should always inspect everything for signs of damage, make sure they haven’t been used before, and research the brands you're buying, so you don’t end up wasting your money. 3 Answers. Some days I am sweating. Budget Babe should have someone get a job at TJ's undercover and see what it is really like.Trust me the stores you went to were given extra payroll for your visits and beefed upwith management. They were relatively inexpensive, but they were too wide to fit into my spice jars and some of the spoons have already snapped on me. TK Maxx said the RRPs on products were established after conferring with suppliers. I felt embarrassed. It's a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs in Atlantic, IA. Online shop TK Maxx contains clothing for women, men and also kids in all age categories.Even almost all the products for baby and kids care, starting with nappies, clothing, creams and also pushchairs. JD, what you're describing are counterfeit fragrances. I work at a TJ Maxx and at my store every employee is on top of keeping the store clean. I really enjoy making conversation with people while I check them out at a register. The employees are allowed to buy stuff too. I've found really random bargains of nice quality stuff at the Ross but not really at the Marshalls because they have 2-3x the merchandise that the marshalls does. Haha, I work at Winners which is basically the Canadian version of TJ Maxx/Marshall's, and we have the sammmeeeee problems! I find these stores to be a huge "hit" with shoes and accessories, but often times a "miss" on clothing, especially pants. TK Maxx is able to do this thanks to its core competence: opportunistic buying systems. They looooove new workers b/c they have the need to prove themselves by working quickly. There are never enough cashiers, the store is always mess, there are never enough people to recover it properly, it is very difficult to work in. And how jealous am I? That's awful! Asking for discounts for every little detail. Thats why everyone above who complained had the experience that they did. I was wondering about the perfumes..I purchase them at other stores and get compliments off if them...but when I buy TJMaxx the scent leaves faster and people say they cannot smell it..question are they misfit formulas or why there is a difference. In fact, I just bought 3 pairs the other day. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. to tell the truth tj maxx sell fakes, they are not designer quality clothing, they don't have a scoop on buying designer clothing they are fakes with designer names on them. tk maxx occasionally do sell up to date merch but oly a select few so inconclusion-no tk maxx do not sell fakes at all...ever Source(s): worked for them for about a year (not bad for a xmas temp!) But if you want natural fibers, it's going to cost you. TK Maxx is a free-for-all, high jostling with low, the implication being that bargains await. Sorry but employees don't have to bow down to you. the prices are off sometimes. if you work here, please be a little slow or else they'll take advantage of you and make you do things that aren't your job. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. They ravage through the shelves and racks, tossing clothes over them instead of hanging them back up. I love shopping at both of these stores, but I agree, like most people, that cluttered and messy stores make for an unpleasant shopping experience. Just as the title states, I purchased a 100% fake bottle of Bleu EDP today at Macy's. These are great stores to snag a deal—but can also be a waste of money. Plus, if they do decide to sign up for a card, it takes forever and other customers have to wait twice as long, lowering customer satisfaction. Big-name perfume bottles for small prices - up to 60% less*. My local one is one bus ride away so I have time and I usually beat the wave of bad high school kids that mess everything up by doing so. That young lady was speaking of her experience & you can't automatically say she's rude because of her comment. Count me in. Thanks for this article - super informative. ive seen the same shirt by a different designer there too. Get the AmazonBasics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Mat at Amazon for $18.68. The company is doing great during recession, because it is a discount store. Sometimes it just looks so unorganized. You try to smile.!!! December 27, 2018 December 27, 2018 Now is the Winter of our Discount Scents. All rights reserved. Remember sometimes people get blasted by a customer and you are the next one. Because TJ Maxx/Marshalls does NOT pay a lot for display cases, fancy fixtures or advertising, or staff to help you try on the perfume/cosmetics, they can buy these items at a heavy discount and pass the savings on to the customer. Discover a stylish selection of the latest brand name and designer fashions all at a great value. ©2020 Reviewed, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC. I contacted Paige Jeans USA in CA and had to send them pictures of the damages along with the tags and all the numbers on the tags, they responded that they would not warrenty or replace any jeans that were Paige Jeans specifically cut only for TJMaxx and Marshalls. Tag: TK Maxx perfume. So you expressed interest in it after she picked it up and you saw what it was? I worked at my local one and I never wanted to after only being in it once ever and finding everything in the wrong places on the wrong numbered hangers (size 2 shirts on size 24w's pant hangers, etc) when I needed to do a quick shop and found a nice black dress that was only $25 and like an evening, banquet dinner, formal dress and it wasn't marked as anything, like shoddy, etc, to make something that good sell for so low. The police in my town already didn't believe me over anything, based on the soul count that I was disabled and without 3rd/4th party witness statements from un-related parties there was nothing I could do. wow-great info!!!!! If I can't get in and out in 30-40 minutes they will never get my lunchtime shopping money. I’ve been with this company 5 years in August & I seriously love it. I really like the new shoe megashops because they are so clean and well organized, but I wish the rest of the store was like that. Gr. I have worked in those big stores and they have alot of overhead to cover, commissions, higher rent, etc. They have the best designer jeans at the best prices. Ibhad questions about it being gernunine. No because they state in the shop, online and on T.V adverts that they are real designer labels and it's illegal … The managers at these stores are not businessmen which explains a lot. We don't have a TJ Maxx or Marshall's here (sigh), but I'd definitely be heading to one right now if we did! 2007-2020 All rights reserved. 25 things to buy when you move into a new house. A lot of employees forget to take off their lanyard on their break. I did see there was no name for the pattern, but it said "Well Dressed Home" so I thought that was the name of the company. Wonderful fragrance! I absolutely hate the store and the company. Makeup is seriously hit or miss at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls for a couple reasons. So be careful or you may end up with a sticky drawer or wobbly, uneven legs, which is unfortunate if you bought something you were intending to keep around for a while. Thanks for the scoop. As you mentioned in your blog, TJ Maxx and Marshall's can be a hit or a miss, but it's always a miss when the store looks cluttered and unkempt. ah!! But I almost ALWAYS find shoes or handbags I love. I love my customers and treat them with the kindness and respect they deserve but I refuse to be blamed for this. Use the NoCable TV listings guide as a schedule of what TV shows are on now and tonight for all local broadcast channels in Fort Calhoun, NE 68023. Crew does not sell it's merchandise at these types of stores! I normally purchase my stuff from reputable online sellers, but as most everyone knows, Chanel is very good at not letting their product(s) hit the 'grey' market, so full retail of $115 for a 100ml bottle at Macy's. The company will make fortune on your hard work, and you get nothing! I’d go as far to call myself a Maxxinista and will head to these discount retailers multiple times a week to check out the new inventory and snag a good deal before anyone else. For example, after weeks of testing a variety of dry shampoos on different hair types, we found that Dove made the best overall. Nebraska Newspapers is a collaborative site developed by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the Nebraska State Historical Society. That’s not to say you shouldn’t keep your eye out for your favorite scents or brands, but just be careful about picking perfume or cologne at random. I even help pick up. Unfortunately, some of the linens stocked at HomeGoods include synthetic fibers, which may be inexpensive but aren’t as comfortable, which is why you should read labels carefully instead of just buying for a pretty pattern. The TJX Companies, the parent company of these stores, is able to get these brand name products for 20 to 60 percent off through purchasing overstocked inventory and by frequently restocking their stores, according to the T.J.Maxx site. It actually came down to TJ-Maxx or turning to "street work" because the economy was so screwy, that I was so far behind on bills and everything else, that I had no choice. fake ray ban sunglasses. Basically, just because there's a good price on a not-so-good product, does not make it a good deal—which is why it's essential to do research on brands before you buy them. JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER. Um no ma'am, you're wrong. If you'd rather not splurge, but still want a reliable yoga mat, this one from AmazonBasics is the best affordable yoga mat we’ve ever tested. It is a very hard job, physically and emotionally draining, they expect so much from you in return for those coins they are paying. Still we think these absurdly soft sheets are worth it for the price, Get the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set at Brooklinen for $129. Personally, I’ve also found myself wasting money on random hair products that looked good in the bottles, but ended up not working well and then go unused. It really took that excitement I had for the day into the dumps! 9 years ago. Spread the joy, guys! I was so mad I have not been back! I have a couple things I would love to change at my local Marshalls and TJ Maxx in Chicago (northwest side): Workers have done that to you?! By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. We sweat our asses off for hrs and have to stay past our working hrs every single day b/c customers unwrap shit and throw everything on the ground, the managers expect way too much work for shit pay (they made me work half the store all the time in mens and kids). It drives me absolutely nuts! Happens all the time. I think these stores should format their stores more like a Loehmann's or Filene's; more people would shop then I think. I refuse to go thru those aisles when i shop TJMxx for that reason. June 12, 2016 February 2, 2017 Perfume Shopping: The Best of the UK High Street. We were told those are top quality perfumes--exactly the same as department stores carry--except they may be packaged differently or they might even be discontinued, yet still available directly from the vendor. This site uses affiliate links. Discover a stylish selection of the latest brand name and designer fashions all at a great value. so if you want to keep on supporting theifs and not getting real designer clothing keep shopping tj maxx, marshalls and other so called outlet stores Remember to research quality hair products before you buy. As a customer, I am a stickler for putting back my items, whether I purchase them or not, on the proper racks so the employees have less work to do, even if it takes me a bit longer to get in and out. Could be worse though...could be worse...could be Target. Not knowing what you said here, I decided to buy the quilt to come home and see if I could find the matching pillows to order them online. Employees make poor wages, there is usually not enough staff, and managers don't seem to care that much about their employees as well. . I have paid $200+ for full price for 3 other pairs at Nordstroms that I love and have had them for a few years and never had a problem with. The Marshalls has by far better marchandise but it is to hard to get in and out of and the selection is so limited. I hated it when my bf always said they sell hand-me-downs and "damaged" goods. the fact is that they DO get merchandise that is left over, imperfect or just out of style. Hidden camera uncovered this while dogs were alive. The big problem seems to be staffing. I watched her put in a cubby and put clothes on top of it. If you’re a true yogi who’s trying to zen into vinyasa, then you don’t want to gamble when choosing a yoga mat. Similarly to makeup, all of the perfume and cologne sold at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls should be sealed, and there are generally no sample bottles. I knew that was false, but couldn't really explain it to him. it was a cheap shirt though. I can't find the matching pillows I want and I don't want the quilt without any pillows. ? Sure, I quit for a better job and in the end it was worth it, but I loathed having to "play" dumb to get by when the world already views me as such for being disabled and they even tried to take advantage of me for being such and kept saying things like, "My books are wrong because I was too incompetent to pass 5th grade math and because I'm disabled I'll never get anywhere, but them sticking me in the back and having me re-hang things since that's the only thing disabled people people are good at, mindless, menial, repetitive labor and nothing more, if we could have our way with you!" look into all the lawsuits, and now congress and the ftc are investigating them. But if you shop at these stores too, you need to be smart if you want to get more value out of these discounted items and avoid things that aren't really worth it. Also have had to deal with cranky rude staff. I am disabled, but I am not at all "dim", not by a long shot, believe it or not, I was actually smarter than my supervisor and had plenty of ways to cut costs and adjust everything to save even more money, build even more revenue, etc, even though I was just a "kid" working her way through college. Consumer complaints and reviews about TJ Maxx / Ray Ban Wayfarer Cumming, Georgia. look into all the lawsuits, and now congress and the ftc are investigating them. The high-quality hair services at this salon will leave you feeling like a gorgeous bombshell. So, yes be careful what you buy from t j. Maxx because their sales assistants are told to accept returns, sometimes not educated what is real or fake, also told not to argue with the customers and t j maxx does not give detail receipts. So there’s really no way to actually sniff the scents available—and you don’t want to accidentally buy something that smells horrendous. Don't settle for a thin yoga mat you found at T.J.Maxx. A Juicy shirt for my daughter....the girl at the register said the price was wrong!! Treat yourself to bath sets, perfumes, makeup, skincare & haircare at up to 80% less*. The price was shocking - $15 USD - but I found the fragrance incredibly familiar. I tried Marshall's first. And to be honest, some customers are inconsiderate and pull apart sets and the mates get lost. I agree that some people work very hard and others are extremely lazy. Either they will break on you or you’ll find that they don’t work as well as they should, so you'll just have to buy better ones anyway. Went on for years, it is estimated she stiffed t j maxx and other companies over one million dollars. My only problem with TJMaxx and Marshalls is the way the clothes are just thrown together on the racks. I work at Marshalls. E-Mail addresses will not be displayed and will only be used for E-Mail notifications. I really love helping customers and interacting with their shopping. No reason to miss out on great deals just because that cashier behaved badly. I just want to increase the experience for the customer. I've been with the company for years & I can say that I am very kind & patient to every customer (rude or not) but you don't know what a person who works in retail has to go through. I used to shop at TJ Maxx all the time ,and I did find some awesome stuff there, but over the past 2 years I noticed the big designer brands disappeared and prices went up. But it's a small price to pay for savings. It presents many resources relating to the State's papers such as searchable full-text of selected newspapers published in the state before 1923 and information about historically significant newspapers. Buy premium French cookware brand Le Creuset sale items at department store TK Maxx online for a fraction of the price, from mugs, to teapots and a butter dish, shop cookware and kitchenware now. I guess all the TJX stores are like that. I love my tjmaxx. I especially like the splurge vs steal fashion show. i want to get a superdry jacket from tk maxx, its selling for £50, is it fake? Products are lovingly made by traditional … I loved shopping at TJ Maxx. Love this post! Tk.maxx is the European name for an American store called tk.maxx, both franchises are owned by the same corporation as home sensea, marshalls and other well known franchises. I know some people stash things, but to go right in front of a customer and take it? I sprayed it on my skin, walked around for 5 minutes and then it hit me: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette. Much more could be done for the employees, which would make them happier and in turn happier to customers. Crew Factory stores, which is their name for their outlet stores and only located at outlet malls. I love marshalls and TJ Maxx. Maybe a "no screaming kids allowed" sign on the entrance door? I live in Brazil and I travel at least twice a year to USA. Wow, thanks so much for this information! When I see shoes strewn around and clothing all over the place, I completely lose interest. Maybe it is just my local store but cute and fashionable hair clips, etc. It makes the shopping experience difficult that rather than see something i like, and pick up that item in my size, i have to look through the rack to see if i like anything. It is the best job I have ever had. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest, deals, product reviews, and more. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Suddenly, all the enthusiasm and terrific customer service I've offered seems phony to them, because it appears like I'm only interested in getting them to sign up for a credit card. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Thank you so much for posting about this experience. TKMAXX Australia - Shop now for best brands at the lowest prices I really want to keep that quilt, but if I have to sink so much money into it, it may not be wort the savings! How coooool that you got a behind-the-scenes look at TJ Maxx and Target! I would be especially cautious when choosing cheaper kitchen supplies like measuring spoons, knives, and mixing bowls from unknown brands at HomeGoods. They all get 15-20 hours and minimum pay. It isn't worth my time to wander there if there are only a few dresses in my size. Absolutely love Marshalls and TJ Maxx but horrified to recently learn that they are selling clothing/ coats from China that includes the fur of skinned dogs. Shop clearance at So there’s really no way to actually sniff the scents available—and you don’t want to accidentally buy something that smells horrendous. I don't like the carts that won't go past the front door and there is a lot of junk in the store. However, getting these products from their online site definitely removes that risk, so buy away if you see something you love. One location of marshalls might have different price on the same item than another location. I went to a Ralph Laurn store. Now, I’m not saying all of these kinds of products at these stores are bad, just don’t buy the cheapest ones. The reason stuff at TJ Maxx so cheap is because they underpay their workers, they do not care about working conditions, they do not pay any benefits. Working at TJ Maxx is very low paying and stressful job. What a fun experience! Totally agree with the eye contact/smile thing. Seriously, I think I am one of their most loyal customers. Do not expect employees at TJ Maxx to be as nice as at Macy's. They do not care about working condition. Sounds like you had a ton of fun. I looove all the deals and occasional extra deals (additional 25% off on clearance!!). I haveto agree about the men's section! People come to TJ Maxx and Marshalls to scavenge for things. Plus, so much merchandise is shipped to some stores that it's forced out onto the floor even when it doesn't fit. I just wish the handbag prices were lower, more in line with the discounts on the shoes, and more leather offerings. Aren't they getting PAID to be at least a little friendly? The store is a mess b/c of CUSTOMERS not the associates. I believer bitbisva fake. That is so true about the guys section! There are 222 customers that TK Maxx, rating them as excellent. 13:25. This is where I got my very first premium denim @ less than $80...nope not irregular. Oh get a grip, its not like she stole it out of your cart. As a shopping expert and deal hunter, I know how essential it is to actually vet a product and not just buy something just because it’s at a low price, and nowhere is that more true than at stores like Marshalls and Home Goods and of course T.J.Maxx. Check their sales reports online! Just a question based on a hypothesis I've been working-- did they talk about some of the "off-brands" they carry? Show some respect. The sales associate grabbed a sealed box from the case, I paid her and left. As with makeup and beauty products, you always risk hair care products being opened and tampered with by other customers. Turns out you might be getting less than your money's worth. I am thinking of going back to Marshall's tomorrow to buy the standard sized pillow shams (about 6 of them) and see if a seamstress can just make me a pillow set to match. I really hope you have gotten a new job not working around people in the time since you posted this comment. Answer Save. And customers with your mindset are what make it hell. Do not expect to see happy employees and great customer service in that hell. I agree with you that the staff sucks and it's mainly the customer's faults for screwing things up and can sympathize having to work the long hours with little pay and the under-staffing, etc. So think of the constant shopping done with only two associates cleaning, all the while making runs back and forth from the fitting room and service desk to pick up the returns. I went to TJ Maxx on the advice of the checkout lady. I love T.J.Maxx and HomeGoods and Marshalls—the whole lot of them. The Ross in comparison is kind of a zoo/ thrift store but they always have lots of cashiers and staff on dressing rooms and in sections. TK Maxx online shop offers a wide range of products where you find the same products as the company offers in street stores. For a more long-term investment in a mat that'll last, Lululemon makes our favorite yoga mat. I'm currently working at the Marshalls on Six Corners (Chicago) Kelly K is spot-on...I didn't know what I was getting myself into.