Here are some of the differences between Juvederm, Voluma, and other fillers. Voluma® effects can last up to 2 years. That lift softens jowls and nasolabial folds, resulting in an upward rebalancing of the face. Juvederm Voluma and Radiesse are both high-strength facial fillers aimed at reducing the facial signs of aging in a non-surgical manner. RADIESSE vs JUVÉDERM ® & Perlane ® Injectable Gels. Voluma. The duration of results varies on a case-by-case basis depending on several factors.  RADIESSE Vs. JUVÉDERM: Comparing Injectables. I can compare to voluma which I had done in the past in the same area. Radiesse® vs. Juvéderm Voluma® Posted on: May 14 2016 By: editor View all 3 reponses; Do you know which filler is indicated for your deep lines and/or volume restoration on the cheeks and areas around the mouth? Radiesse vs. Restylane under eyes Neither Radiesse nor Restylane is FDA-approved for the tear trough or “dark circle” zone under the eyes. When comparing Juvederm Voluma vs Juvederm Ultra XC, you would notice that the texture of Ultra is similar to pudding while the texture of Voluma is closer to Jello. Die Unterspritzung mit Radiesse©, dem klassischen Hydroxylapatit-Filler, stellt seit Jahren eine Alternative zu Hyaluronsäure Präparaten dar. What are RADIESSE ® and RADIESSE ® (+)?. Radiesse is what you call as Calcium Hydroxylapatite, which is used for deeper lines but ultimately absorbed at the same timeframe as other products. Radiesse typically lasts longer than Juvederm due to its ability to increase collagen production within the skin. Radiesse vs. Juvederm Voluma. Additionally, they vary in price and potentially have different side effects. Voluma lifts the cheek. I know temporary fillers are costly vs PMMA, however I'd rather be safe than sorry, so price is not a issue. Call: 704-323-4049 At Carolina Facial Plastics, Dr. Kulbersh offers dermal fillers such as Sculptra and Voluma. 0 comments. Radiesse vs Juvederm: Which Treatment is Best? Bellafill vs. Voluma is a new filler that we can add to our toolbox of other fillers. Voluma or Radiesse: for most people, the question is about which one lasts longer. The main difference is that they are two completely different materials. Radiesse vs Juviderm Voluma for cheek lift? This makes Voluma a good choice for correcting volume deficiencies of the cheeks and the mid face. One dr. says Radiesse is better, the other - Voluma. ). Reply. Each of them has pros and cons that you should consider before making a … Post-injection reactions … Fat Grafting, Juvéderm, Voluma, Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra – Which Filler NOW Provides the Longest Lasting Great Results? There are a multitude of different types of facial fillers on the market: Juvederm vs. Radiesse, Restalyne, Belotero, Sculptra, Voluma, etc - and there are always new fillers getting FDA approval-- it's hard to keep them all straight! Restylane and Juvederm offer similar dermal filler results, but those results last for different periods of time. Radiesse was my go to filler for restoring volume to the cheeks, chin and performing chin and cheek augmentation. Radiesse lasts 1-2 years and Voluma lasts up to 2 years. 2 Percent of Subjects Satisified and Extremely Satisified 2. This is the first hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that has been given this specific indication (other HA fillers are Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Belotero etc. Crosslinked Hyaluronic acid. Radiesse® filler can last up to 12-18 months. I cannot decide however on which temporary filler is best for my needs. Sculptra vs. Radiesse: How do I choose? Sculptra vs Juvederm may seem similar in terms of their indications of removing wrinkles and adding volume to the skin. RADIESSE ® and RADIESSE ® (+) are dermal fillers that are used for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds (the creases that extend from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth). Just had radiesse in my upper cheeks. Radiesse is calcium hydroxy-appetite, which is a substance found in bone. Learn more about Voluma. --Dr Rajani, phone = 1-503-303-8313 a leader in Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Medicine partakes in the cheek challenge. Voluma is an HA (hyaluronic acid) like Restylane, but it is made in such a way to be more cohesive and produce more tissue lift. I wish they both worked the same but my experience it’s a three day downtime with Restylane vs Juvederm which is 24 hrs and it’s not so crazy I can’t go out in public without looking like a clown. Cosmetic or dermal fillers help give your face a fuller, smoother, more youthful look. The active ingredients do two things: • support the skin with a scaffolding-like structure • actively promote collagen growth Calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres. The Differences of Cosmetic Fillers Radiesse and Voluma, Where they are Used, and Safety Concerns - … According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, products such as Perlane, Voluma, and Belotero are called Hyaluronic Acid, which is absorbed by cells after 12 months or longer. What say you? It was recently FDA approved in the USA for filling the cheek area. However, there are vast differences between the two, especially in regard to their chemical makeup, usage methodology, and their respective benefits. Radiesse is used more often as a cheek lift option. Generally safe, but can be more prone to complications, such as nodule or bump formation. Enter Radiesse, a longer-lasting, calcium-enriched hyaluronic acid based filler for modern non-invasive cosmetic surgery. Was suggested Radiesse and Voluma by drs. These are both HA (Hyaluronic acid) fillers which are injected into the deeper tissues of … Radiesse vs Juvederm Voluma . They can be done in a doctor’s office in just a few minutes, and there is almost no recovery time. Radiesse is useful for the nasolabial folds and to address lipoatrophy (soft tissue volume loss) of the cheeks. Radiesse. RADIESSE and JUVÉDERM are two common dermal fillers, so here’s a comparison of the two along with other common injectables (VOLBELLA, Sculptra, and VOLUMA) to help you understand a bit more about the differences between them: RADIESSE. The Cheek Challenge Results – Voluma Vs Restylane Lyft There are currently 2 dermal fillers FDA approved for enhancing the cheeks – Voluma and Restylane Lyft. Safety Profile. This thicker texture gives the new filler its unique lifting properties and also leads to differences in where it can be placed in the face. Question. Composition. posted in Fillers by Dr. Rokhsar The great thing about modern cosmetic procedure and dermatology is that there are many options to choose from when considering what treatment is best for your particular need. While Belotero and Juvederm are both dermal fillers that help reduce or remove wrinkles, folds, and lines on the face, each is better in certain situations. It really depends on the individual’s facial features and which areas the client feels treatment is needed. I'm am strongly considering fillers for my cheeks to give it a lift. Juvederm Voluma vs. Restylane Lyft Main ingredient: Calcium hydroxylapatite However with Radiesse, this should not be injected anywhere near the eyes or lips. Most patients will notice the results of Radiesse for 18-24 months (and possibly longer) while Juvederm results last for up to 1 year (2 years for juvederm voluma). Which filler is better and why? Dear JBUK,Thank you for your question. Click here to cancel reply. Juvederm and Juvederm Voluma XC are both popular nonsurgical fillers from Allergan, the makers of Botox. In a separate clinical study, at the 12-month time point, 90% of RADIESSE patients were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their treatment, compared to the two other hyaluronic acid fillers. Sculptra and Radiesse are two popular dermal fillers, each with the ability to address common signs of facial aging including lines, wrinkles, and volume loss.Both fillers are classified as collagen biostimulators, that is they work to promote the growth of collagen and other skin firming proteins far after being injected. Share your experience please. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of Radiesse® vs Juvederm®. Main Ingredient: Calcium hydroxylapatite. January 29, 2020 Dr. Brian Machida, MD, FACS Face/Neck Firming , Look Younger Without Surgery , Non-surgical 0 Answer: Radiesse vs Voluma for Cheek Augmentation. These include how quickly your body metabolizes the injections and how healthy your skin is. Radiesse. For my first filler I prefer to get a temporary one to see how things will go in the long run. Radiesse is often compared to other dermal fillers like Voluma, which is a more traditional filler. Leave a Reply. Voluma® is a newer, hyaluronic acid-based filler approved for volumizing and lifting sagging cheeks. Radiesse risks vs. Juvéderm risks There are minimal risks associated with these dermal fillers, including those listed above. Radiesse can also cost more, and last longer, up to 18 months in some cases. Very happy with the natural results. The med spa treatment provider will explain the basic differences between the two fillers and help the patient choose the right option.